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Rehab Pad


Exercise 1 – Board

This comprehensive exercise will allow you to strengthen your abdomen, arms, buttocks and thighs. It is not time-consuming, but can give very good effects.

  • Lie down on your stomach, then put your forearms on the pad.
  • Raise the trunk so that your elbows are under the shoulders.
  • The whole body must be straight and the abdominal muscles tensed.
  • Remain in this position for at least several seconds.

Then take a 10-second break.

Repeat 5 times.

Exercise 2 – Steps forward

This exercise will allow you to strengthen your thigh quadriceps and gluteus muscles. It is a variation on the classic steps forward.

  • Straighten up and stand with one foot on the pad.
  • Raise the second foot, lean backwards and make a step forward.
  • Try as much as possible to touch the surface with the back leg.
  • Then shift the weight of your body to the leading foot and return to initial position.

Exercise 3 – Sitting and balancing

This exercise allows you to strengthen the spine-supporting muscles, and thus reduce back pain.

  • Sit down straight on the pad.
  • Stretch out and cross your legs.
  • Cross your arms on the chest. Try to balance keeping the upright position as long as possible.
  • When you are well advanced, you can do this exercise while, for example, watching TV.

Therapeutic rehabilitation and the prevention of spinal diseases. The shape and non-slip surface of the pad makes it possible to be used for exercises related to balance, maintaining balance and movement coordination. It is also recommended for those who spend a lot of time sitting due to their work or lifestyle.

Inflate the pad with a needle pump. Carefully insert the pump needle into the opening of the valve. While inflating, keep hold of the valve with your hand by squeezing the surface around the valve. Inflate by keeping the pump perpendicularly to the pad.

Note: Pressure on the valve which arises from a failure to comply with these instructions may cause a permanent damage to the pad.

  • Clean the pad with mixture of water and soap.
  • Not suitable for use in a microwave oven.
  • Do not use disinfectants.
  • If it becomes damaged, destroy and throw the product away.
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

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