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Multifunctional Bottle warmer


Components of Bottle Warmer:

  1. Bowl Cover
  2. Bowl
  3. Insulation Frame
  4. Dust Cover
  5. Round Tank
  6. Control Panel
  7. Base

All accessories are made by PP material.

70°C Heat Food like porridge, egg

40°C Warm Milk Make sure the baby have the warm milk anytime

100°C Steriliser It can sterilise the teats, spoons and other items.

Name: Multifunctional Bottle warmer

Model: S6304.ENG

Voltage: 220V

Frequency: 50Hz

Power: 100W

Control Panel

Indicator Light


  1. Please don’t dwell the base into water in case of getting wetand electricity leakage.
  2. Don’t pull too much water inside the warmer, in case scald yourself.
  3. Don’t touch the product body during function. Don’t put the combustible or explosive material in case of any danger.
  4. Please place the product away from the children.
  5. Don’t disassemble the product yourself. Please contact the professional engineer or supplier if needed.
  6. The indicator light will twinkle during function. It light will be on when it keeps warm.
  7. Please pour the water after use.
  8. Don’t put the food in the container for long time, otherwise the food will go bad.
  9. If the power string is broken, please do contact the manufacturer or professional engineer to avoid any danger.
  10. At the beginning of use, the product will smell plastic. It is normal and please keep the ventilation.

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