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SERCE PLUS blood pressure monitor


  1. Wrap the cuff around your arm with the air hose placed on the inside of your arm, following the direction of the ring finger. The cuff has been put on properly if you can easily insert your index finger between your arm and the material.
  2. Sit down comfortably and put your arm with the cuff on a flat surface (as shown in the diagram). Remember that the arm should be at the same level as your heart.
  3. Press the Start button. The measurement will begin while the cuff is inflating, and after a while the result will be shown on the display. If arrhythmia is detected, the multiple-heart symbol appears on the display. You must consult a doctor if this message is displayed during consecutive measurements.

Standards of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and guidelines of the International Society of Hypertension (ISH)

Blood pressure at a temperature of 5-40°C: ±0.4 kPa (3 mmHg); heart rate value: ±5%

SERCE PLUS Sanity blood pressure monitor is a medical device for oscillometric measurement of arterial blood pressure

  • Features a function for averaging 3 results
  • LCD: dimensions 128mm×50mm
  • Weight: approx. 317 g (without batteries)
  • Power save function and battery consumption indicator
  • May be operated with a power supply unit
  • SERCE PLUS Sanity® fully automatic arm blood pressure monitor, model TMB-986
  • Comfortable cuff of 22~32 cm (XL 22~42 cm cuff available as an option)
  • Long air hose
  • Comfortable bag for accessories
  • 4 AAA alkaline batteries
  • Operating manual with advice for users with hypertension

Sanity® has been present on the world market for 25 years as a brand of quality and functional medical products which facilitate recovery and everyday preventive health care for the whole family.

Our products meet the highest safety standards, have passed clinical tests and are certified for compliance with European standards.