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EASY COMFORT Manual Breast Pump is intended for use by mothers breastfeeding in the hospital and at home. Its primary function is milk extraction. It is recommended for relieving the symptoms of swelling when extracting milk. It helps to treat inflammation of the breast by removing milk from the affected breast. Its additional task is to relieve irritated or cracked nipples.

Apply the pump to the breast so that the nipple is in the middle of the cup. It is important that the silicone pad adheres tightly to the breast.

Press and release the pressure on the handle, thus simulating a baby’s suckling until milk begins to flow.

When finished pumping, remove the bottle.

Put the sealing cap on and place the bottle in the refrigerator.

Before use, read the user manual carefully.

Wash the product before the first and each subsequent use.

Always wash the product immediately after use.

Wash the product with warm soapy water and rinse with clean water or use a dishwasher. Do not wash with solvents or harsh chemicals.

Do not store or leave in the sun or near a heat source.

Do not store together with solvents or aggressive chemicals and do not allow contact with them.

Keep all components out of the reach of children.

Breast pump is a medical device for personal use and should not be used by more than one person.

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Our products meet the highest safety standards, have passed clinical tests and are certified for compliance with European standards.