Lamb hot water bottle (2L)


  1. Prepare warm water at approx. 50°C. Do not use boiling water or water that may scald. Remove the cap and fill with water up to ¾ of the hot water bottle’s volume. When filling, hold the bottle by its neck in an upright position.
  2. Get rid of excess air by tipping the bottle slowly until water is visible at its outlet. For your convenience you may rest the bottle against a flat surface.
  3. Replace the cap firmly and check for tightness by turning the bottle upside down. Then put on the cover.

The hot water bottle can be used for abdominal pains, muscle and rheumatic pains, colic in infants and children, colds and flu. It has a soothing effect on arthritis, otitis, blood circulation problems, stomach aches, urinary tract diseases, smooth muscle contractions, hernia and toothache.

After use, pour the water out and hang the hot water bottle up to dry with its inlet facing downwards. Store with the cap removed in a dry, dark and cool place. Protect against direct sunlight. Avoid contact with heating equipment and do not store at high temperatures or in the sun.

The cover is made of polyester. If dirty, wash by hand using soap and water at 30°C. Wash the rubber bottle with a mixture of water and soap. Do not use disinfectants.

The hot water bottle can always be used by children under adult supervision. Avoid long-term direct contact of an uncovered hot water bottle with the skin. Do not put pressure or weight on the hot water bottle when it is filled with water. Do not sit or put heavy objects on it. Do not place any objects inside and on the hot water bottle. Before use always check the product for wear and tear or mechanical damages. When any of the parts are damaged, throw away the whole product. Dispose of it in accordance with applicable regulations.

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