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KLESZCZ OUT tick removal tool


The KleszczOut tick remover is an easy-to-use pump that will quickly and accurately get rid of the tick from the body. The versatile and high-quality pump will not only handle a tick, but also suck venom after bites – mosquitoes, bees, and even vipers and scorpions.

The product is dedicated to active people, who spend a lot of time on rest, walking, while mushroom picking or working outdoors.

The vacuum created at the tip of the pump causes the tick to “drain” from the body and does not leave any parts of the parasite in the human body. The device is most effective in the initial period of implantation of the tick.
In more complicated cases, see a doctor immediately. Thanks to the use of a very tight, rubber seal, the pump’s effectiveness is guaranteed for a very long time.

1. To prepare the instrument for use, push the rubber plunger all the way in.
2. Apply the tip to the body where the tick has been implanted (venom introduction).
3. Press the device against your body and, while maintaining the pressure, gradually slowly pull the plunger back to the correct position. The place of the bite should be in the central part of the tip application.
4. Hold the device in this position for about 10-15 seconds, repeat the procedure if necessary.
5. Disinfect the bite site with disinfectants.
6. Wash the end of the device with soap and water, disinfect with a disinfectant.

Note! Removing a tick can be difficult if it is implanted in places that prevent the creation of a vacuum – e.g. in hair, in hollows, on bends.

Do not use the device on wounded skin, around the eyes, external genitals. Do not use on children under 3 years old.

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