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• 6 display modes
• Two-color, easy to read LED display
• Friendly menu
• Battery charge indicator
• A lightweight product that is easy to carry and easy to use.
• Manual interface direction adjustment.
• Low perfusion: 0.2% (advanced DSP algorithm improves measurement accuracy in low perfusion conditions).
• Visual and audible alarm function. Real-time controls.
• Automatic device shutdown.
• Two ordinary 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries allow more than 20 hours of continuous operation.

The DUO CONTROL Sanity pulse oximeter, based on digital technologies, is designed for non-invasive point measurement of saturation (saturation) of hemoglobin with oxygen (SpO2).

The advanced DSP * algorithm helps minimize movement interference and enhances measurement accuracy in low perfusion conditions.
The pulse oximeter can be used to measure the saturation level of human hemoglobin and heart rate using your finger.
The product is suitable for use at home, as an oxygen bar equipment, social medical facilities, sports facilities, etc.

• Voltage pulse oximeter
• Dimensions: 63 mm (D) x 36 mm (S) x 34 mm (G)
• Weight: approx. 35 g
• Operation mode: continuous operation.
• Internal power supply: 2 AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries
• Power consumption: Below 30mA (under normal conditions)

• Puls oximeter
• Leash
• 2 AAA batteries
• User manual

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