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COMFORT Hydrotherapy Infuser


  1. bag with a handle,
  2. hose with a tap,
  3. short tip for an enema,
  4. long tip for vaginal irrigation.
  • preparation for examination of the large intestine
  • before surgical interventions
  • colon dysfunctions
  • chronic inflammations
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • recurrent infections, compromised immunity
  • allergies, asthma
  • headaches and recurrent migraines
  • overweight and obesity
  • lymphatic system disorders, oedemas
  • joint diseases
  • as a preventive measure – support of body detoxification processes
  • containment of ageing processes

Consult a doctor about the use of the infuser and the type of liquid which is to be applied. Use as directed.

Before use, thoroughly clean the infuser with soap and water and scald it. Do not use the infuser if damaged. When any of the infuser components is possibly damaged, destroy the infuser and throw it away.

Keep in a dry and dark place out of the reach and sight of children.

If there are no contraindications, everyone at the age of above 8 can undergo hydrocolonotherapy. However, the treatment effects will be better if a light and fibre-rich diet has been adhered to for 3-5 days before the treatment in order to facilitate the colon cleansing process.

In this time, it is recommended that animal protein and foods that remain on the walls of intestines and cause flatulence or gases, thus making it more difficult to carry out the treatment (farinaceous and dairy products), should be avoided. You should drink plenty of liquids, eat as many vegetables, especially green ones, as possible. Groats are also recommended.

Right after the treatment you should drink plenty of liquids, and within the first six hours only fresh vegetables and fruits should be eaten.

The amount of proper bacterial flora increases in the intestines, however it is advantageous to stimulate the recovery of this microflora by taking probiotics for several days after the treatment.

For long-lasting benefits, adjusting your diet to your individual phenotype, i.e. metabolic diet, is recommended and also taking care of the proper supply of liquids and increasing your physical activity.

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