Comfort Breastpump


Ensure that all unused milk has been removed from your breast. This prevents the milk ducts from blocking, which is the most frequent reason for breast infections and inflammation during lactation. The pump can also be used by women with irritated nipples.

The breastpump consists of a suction pump and glass attachment. It excellently adapts to the breast.

Before the first and each subsequent use, wash all parts separately, inside and out, and then boil them in a large amount of water for a short time. Make sure that all the immersed parts may freely float in the boiling water. Avoid touching the individual components inside. Wash your hands and breast. Put the small glass reservoir against your breast so that the milk reservoir is in a downwards position. Press the pump, and then gradually release the pressure. The drawn milk will be collected in the breastpump’s reservoir. Keep the breastpump in a dry and closed container.

Not suitable for use in a microwave oven.

Do not use disinfectants.

If any of the parts become damaged, destroy and throw away the whole set.

Keep in a dry and closed container out of the reach and sight of children.

The Sanity breastpump has been designed for individual use only. Do not give the drawn milk to your baby if it has come into contact with the pump.

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